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Welcome to 360° Therapy 

At 360° Therapy, we take an integrativ​e approach to therapy. Each client has different needs and we work hard to blend elements from different approaches and tailor your treatment according to your needs. We pride ourselves in looking at our client’s entire life to find the root of the issues and work through it so that we can solve it together instead of just putting a band-aid on them. 


About Melanie rosemberg

Melanie Rosemberg is the clinical director of 360° Therapy. She is a Florida board certified Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Melanie works with both English and Spanish-speaking adolescents and adults to help them improve the quality of their lives. Before starting her private practice, Melanie honed her counseling skills by working closely with adolescents and their families in a variety of settings including hospitals, schools, clinics, and through non-profit organizations, helping adults and adolescents to overcome a variety of thought, behavioral and emotional disorders.

Through counseling, clients can achieve a better quality of life in a strictly confidential and non-judgmental environment. Melanie’s mission is to provide the guidance and necessary support to help clients develop their inner strengths and effective coping skills to overcome life’s daily challenges and personal struggles.


About Ronit Horowitz

I began my pursuit of higher education by obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Miami. I continued my academic career at Nova Southeastern University, in Davie, FL, where I completed a Master’s and Doctoral Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, along with a specialization in Medical Family Therapy; this unique approach addresses the systemic interactions among patients, their families, and their doctors and supports the family system when the focus of the family is reoriented to center on health issues.

I have specialized and am passionate in therapeutic treatment with the multiple dynamics encompassing couples counseling, adoption, military families, and families living with a medical diagnosis, specifically the delicate position of caregivers during illness in the family. I have also closely worked with adolescents and adults enduring depression, anxiety, addiction, and I have a particular respect and reverence for the aging population as they navigate through various stages of change. I have ample experience with diverse populations and honor the valued traditions of different cultures. I am fluent in English, Spanish, and Hebrew, and have over 20 years of professional work and research experience in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy.

The conversations that occur in a therapeutic setting have the power of creating significant change for the client which, additionally, creates a sense of hope and possibilities in the client’s family life. The relationship between client and clinician should be a trusting and strong fit for each client; I honor each client’s story, their resilience, and their decision to work towards a safe outcome during the moments in our lives that challenge us the most.


I specialize in treating adults struggling with a variety of stressors including anxiety and life changes. I am passionate about assisting others to navigate life’s ups and downs, and am looking forward to supporting you along the way. Together we will gain insight into your behavior and feelings, as well as learn healthy coping skills to assist with life’s challenges. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I graduated from clinically focused Touro Graduate School of Social Work in New York.

Over the years, I have worked in a variety of settings including schools, community centers, private practices and clinics. My main modality of therapy is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. However, I have an eclectic approach and utilize other methods depending on the client’s needs.

Whether you are struggling with anxiety, life changes/adjustments, depression, relationship issues, or you just want to grow and develop into the best you possible, I would love to join you on your journey of personal health.

About Sheera Davis


Individual Therapy

Many people benefit from speaking to a therapist when life is not going as expected. The reasons for seeking individual therapy varies. Some people come with a specific problem in their mind to solve. Others recognize the presence of troubling symptoms in their life like depression, anxiety, a recent break up, moodiness, body image concerns, lack of motivation or just not feeling like themselves.

Couples Therapy

With therapy, you can learn to thrive as a couple, not just survive.There are a number of reasons why relationships can get off track. Most often, couples struggle with communication and problem-solving skills. Couples counseling can help resolve tensions, identify and resolve issues so you can come together as a team.

Immigration Evaluations


-VAWA (Violence Against Women Act)

-U Visa (Victims of Crime)

-T Visa (Victims of Human Trafficking)

-Extreme Hardship

Telehealth Therapy

If you are trying to fit time for your mental health as a busy teenager, college student, professional or parent, we can help! We currently offer virtual counseling sessions from the comfort of your hotel, dorm or wherever you call "home". You can book with ease, get support and start to feel like you are on the right path.


Complimentary Phone Consultation

To schedule your complementary consultation to see how we can help you, please give us a call! During this phone conversation, we will get an idea of the concerns that are leading you to seek therapy. To protect your privacy and confidentiality, Melanie Rosemberg handles all calls personally, so if she is in session, you’ll get her voicemail and she’ll return your call.

Maternal Mental Health

Are you struggling with anxious thoughts? Are you feeling emotionally disconnected from your children? Are you having a hard time balancing it all? Do you wish you could feel like your old self again? Being a mom is one of the most rewarding yet challenging chapters of life. Therapy can help you process all the complicated feelings that come with motherhood so that you can feel better about yourself and become the mom you wish you could be.

Anxiety & Depression

Dealing with anxiety and/or depression requires action which can sometimes be the hardest part of the process. Do you feel you've tried to tackle it on your own but lack the skills to do so? Reach out to to see how we can support you. Melanie Rosemberg, LMHC specializes in treating anxiety disorders. 


As a millennial, you may often feel misunderstood. At times, you may feel "stuck" or "lost". We will focus on addressing, improving and eliminating symptoms as well as aiding in the process of healing and growth so that you can live a more meaningful, enjoyable life. 


Being a teenager is hard! Whether your teen is an overachieving perfectionist, suffering from low self-esteem, feeling depressed, overwhelmed, unmotivated, anxious, angry or withdrawn, we can help!


Still Have Questions? Call us Today!



My adolescent daughter was going through some tough times last year. Thanks to Melanie, she was able to get through it and come out on the other side with a higher self-esteem and a better outlook on life.

Melanie is a great person and therapist. She is extremely caring and goes above and beyond for her patients. Teenagers don't always want to connect with their parents and it is important they have someone they can speak to. Melanie really connected with my daughter. We highly recommend her!



I love Melanie. She helped my girlfriend and I reconcile our relationship and helped us individually get through our struggles. She really has helped my girlfriend with her individual therapy. She's the best!



Was dealing with a pretty severe case of anxiety - Melanie was helpful, patient and kind. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has depression, anxiety, or overcoming any life challenges.



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